We want to be able to wind down in our homes, relax with the family and meet with friends. The variety of products available in our 'Play of Colors' provides you with inspiration for making your home more homely and inspires you with a modern and varied color range.


The versatile and high quality glassware for the kitchen and table, as well as for indoors and outdoors, brings with its color variety more creativity to the kitchen, fun during preparation, serving and more throughout the year. Thus, designing and decorating is quite easy to every season and every occasion. The versatile products and colors, which range from classic gray and white to yellow and green, can be combined for unlimited decoration possibilities. 


The Play of Colors products are made of crystal glass or soda-lime glass and decorated with high quality organic colors 'Made in Germany'.



  • glass decorated to a very high quality
  • organic colors 'Made in Germany'
  • a wide range of products for a well set table
  • stackable shapes
  • decorative articles in perfectly harmonious colour combinations
  • must-have accessoires for indoors and outdoors



Cooking and kitchens have never before featured so prominently in the lifestyles of all ages groups. The products of the collection 'Play of Colors cooking' will prove to be an eye-catcher in every kitchen and gives every table an indiviudual touch.


The high quality glass kitchenware with its product diversity convince by the highest functionality and inspire with a trendy color range with the colors white, gray, rose and light blue, which always puts your table and classic white porcelain to great new effects. Thanks to the familar tried-and-tested quality, the products offer all the advantages of the popular borosilicate glass. Thus, the products are resistant to hot and cold temperatures, and even to temperature swings, meaning that they can be transferred directly from the oven onto the table, and then back into the fridge. The product portfolio ranges from roasters and  casseroles to  bowls and plates up to practical felt coasters, perfectly for cooking, roasting, baking and serving.


The Play of Colors cooking products are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a temperature resistance of -40°C to +300°C. They are suitable for microwave, fridge and dishwasher, and the roasters, casseroles and pizza plates are also ideally suited for the use in the oven.



  • high quality borosilicate glass (guaranteed temperatures from -40°C to +300°C)
  • ceramic resp. organic colors 'Made in Germany'
  • latest decoration technology
  • forms and colors in perfect harmony with each other
  • stackable shapes in timeless design
  • directly from the oven on the table and back in the fridge or dishwasher
  • size diversity from 0,2 liter to 3,5 liter