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The glass kitchenware you will enjoy!

Bring our multi-talents into your kitchen and onto your table, and be delighted by the endless possibilities to combine them. Our glass cookware is perfect in the oven, versatile in food preparation and storage, and adds creative notes to any well-set dining table.

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The popular glass kitchenware of the brands Play of Colors and Play of Colors cooking of the Bohemia Cristal trading company convinces by high functionality and inspires by its trendy colour range.

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The variety of articles ranges from bowls and plates to drinking glasses and carafes up to roasters, casseroles and many more. And the trendy colors allow you to serve up new ideas day after day.

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Pizza is always in season, therefore our recipe idea: pizza with fresh zucchini and parma ham. Hot and straight from the oven comes the pizza with the pizza plates of Play of Colors cooking. on the table.

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